Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Blessed Easter

Our Easter celebration started on Thursday with a small egg hunt and a few friends at church. Words can't describe what it was like to watch KayLi listen to the Easter story and enjoy this season for the first time. Overwhelming really.

It was so windy that most of the pictures I took had her hair blowing in her face but I love her expression as she told me her eggs were too heavy!

When she found this egg, she didn't want it, "That chicken, not egg." Then she learned it had candy too. Going through all the eggs was such sugary fun!

On Friday, Ryan came home and brought his friend Calem with him. Saturday was wonderfully relaxed. We headed to the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

KayLi was so excited to feed the ducks!

It's not easy getting all three of them in one shot, so I was very excited by this one! Still've gotta love West Texas!

Sweet, sweet sisters.

Emily had as much fun on the play equipment as KayLi did. So Rapunzel-ish?

Age difference aside, these two just enjoy each other!

I never did capture her squealing on the swings, so you'll just have to trust me...she LOVES them!

Umm...let's just say, everyone liked the swings.

This was KayLi's first time to play in a sand box. I have we missed this? She could have stayed there for the rest of the day. I see a sandbox of her own in the future.

"This tickle KayLi toes."

It was well passed midnight when I finally put their baskets together. Shhh...don't tel them I almost forgot to do them.

Emily's excitement to wear her new dress was obvious when she had it on before the guys even woke up! She's growing up...sigh.

Ryan's favorite Easter tradition...sleepy pictures with his basket.

Not even Calem was exempt from this long held tradition...poor guy didn't know what he was getting into coming here for the holiday.

Sometimes egg hunts, candy, and baskets seem like such a fluffy way to celebrate the resurrection and the life it gives. Is there really any way to commemorate and celebrate what Christ has done that wouldn't fall terribly short? I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderfully long, relaxed weekend with friends and family. But more often than not, I felt completely inadequate to express my desire to bring Christ glory.

I am inexpressibly grateful for the sacrifices my Savior has made for me. And I feel so very blessed that He has allowed us to teach this precious little girl about His amazing love for her.


Rachelle said...

Love the Easter dresses! Tell Emily she looks so grown up and beautiful... You girls really should come for a visit this summer.

Hunan Mommy said...

No, meet in the Midwest! Just teasing! I am needing some other adoptive families! Yes, we have many in our community, but its not the same. OK, I love the hair! Sidney still has too much baby hair, so we are working with 1 barrette! Rachelle is right, they look beautiful in their Easter dresses. Love it. So fun to celebrate all the 1sts!


Sharon said...

Looks like an awesome day!

Kristi said...

Emily and KayLi look so beautiful in their dresses! What a fun mom you are to still make your "grown up" son AND his friend baskets.
And yes, like you I find my inabilities to express my real feelings toward Christ and his sacrifice frustrating.

Tammy said...

First KayLi is beautiful!! What a way to honor The Father! Thank you for posting on my blog! I am never sure who reads it. I have to share something that has to be from God alone! I was drawn to your blog a couple weeks ago and I felt myself just sitting there reading every single one of your entries about KayLi from before you brought her home through now. I am not sure why but I just knew God wanted me to read your whole journey! You have given me insight and hope! The more I read the more I realised that perhaps He was calling us to a waiting child! Your blog and your sweet story and determination showed me it is VERY possible with God to do this! Thank you for the inspiration!! Your amazing and so is sweet KayLi!!! I pray you will be blessed eternally for all you have done. Maybe you could stay tuned to our journey to see what our gracious God is up to!! I am excited but hesitant to take it slow one foot in front of the other. Please pray for us when you hold your sweet China doll in your arms!! So nice to get to "know" your sweet family! Thanks again!!

Jenn said...

Glad to see you had such a wonderful Easter!! And Disneyland! How fun!

I've also been a very bad blogger. And haven't made my "rounds" like I should. Or if I's so quick I don't leave a comment. :(

Hugs to you my fellow Texan!!