Friday, November 19, 2010

I Love You, Mom!!!

Hi everybody, its Emily, Lisa's bestest daughter!!! And all I want to say is that I love my mommy VERY MUCH!!!!! Umm ... I also want to congratulate everyone who has just adopted or is just about to. I will tell you, from my personal opinion, it is worth it!!!!:) Love Emily(:)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Emily and KayLi went on another "picnic" today. If you can call it that.

The first picnic was a few weeks ago. It included a picnic basket, packed by Emily, filled with two bags of potato chips, a baggie full of cookies, two bananas and one bottle of water. Niiiice!

Today's picnic included songs, tickling, laughter, and smiles.
It's hard to pack, carry and sneak out of the house with a picnic basket full of junk food when you are on crutches!

Small side note:
Emily's ankle is getting better...slowly. If you look closely you can see some of the bruising but thankfully it is not nearly as painful now. Thank you so much for the kinds words and prayers. Hopefully she'll be off the crutches in a few days :0)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emily went to a birthday party Saturday...

KayLi and I stayed home.

Emily had a blast on the inflatable slide...

until she decided to see how far down the slide she could jump.

Then she ended up in the ER with a severely sprained ankle.

Now she has to keep it elevated for 48-72 hours.

It's swollen and bruised....very pretty.

I am waiting on her like the princess that she is.

It's been a lot of fun at our house.

Until the Mortin wears off!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Very Happy Child

It started raining yesterday and hasn't really stopped.

So today Allie picked Emily up from school. You know, so she wouldn't get soaked walking home in the rain.

Then he had some work to do outside and apparently she figured if he could be out in the rain, so could she.

By the time I noticed her she was drenched. Hmmm...scold her or grab the camera?

The camera won. Until I took all the pictures my little heart desired. Then I made her come in, where her little sister scolded her!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Blessed Easter

Our Easter celebration started on Thursday with a small egg hunt and a few friends at church. Words can't describe what it was like to watch KayLi listen to the Easter story and enjoy this season for the first time. Overwhelming really.

It was so windy that most of the pictures I took had her hair blowing in her face but I love her expression as she told me her eggs were too heavy!

When she found this egg, she didn't want it, "That chicken, not egg." Then she learned it had candy too. Going through all the eggs was such sugary fun!

On Friday, Ryan came home and brought his friend Calem with him. Saturday was wonderfully relaxed. We headed to the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

KayLi was so excited to feed the ducks!

It's not easy getting all three of them in one shot, so I was very excited by this one! Still've gotta love West Texas!

Sweet, sweet sisters.

Emily had as much fun on the play equipment as KayLi did. So Rapunzel-ish?

Age difference aside, these two just enjoy each other!

I never did capture her squealing on the swings, so you'll just have to trust me...she LOVES them!

Umm...let's just say, everyone liked the swings.

This was KayLi's first time to play in a sand box. I have we missed this? She could have stayed there for the rest of the day. I see a sandbox of her own in the future.

"This tickle KayLi toes."

It was well passed midnight when I finally put their baskets together. Shhh...don't tel them I almost forgot to do them.

Emily's excitement to wear her new dress was obvious when she had it on before the guys even woke up! She's growing up...sigh.

Ryan's favorite Easter tradition...sleepy pictures with his basket.

Not even Calem was exempt from this long held tradition...poor guy didn't know what he was getting into coming here for the holiday.

Sometimes egg hunts, candy, and baskets seem like such a fluffy way to celebrate the resurrection and the life it gives. Is there really any way to commemorate and celebrate what Christ has done that wouldn't fall terribly short? I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderfully long, relaxed weekend with friends and family. But more often than not, I felt completely inadequate to express my desire to bring Christ glory.

I am inexpressibly grateful for the sacrifices my Savior has made for me. And I feel so very blessed that He has allowed us to teach this precious little girl about His amazing love for her.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Ahhh...Disneyland! I just love it! I grew up about twenty minutes from there and we went so often that I will probably never need a map of the place. It makes me sad that we live so far away from it that my kids have never experienced ALL of it. We are always rushing to try and fit it into one day...impossible! We keep saying that someday we are going to go and stay at the Disney Hotel and have a total Disney vacation...someday. In the meantime we are so thankful that we were able to spend at least one day there!

Mad Hatter hats were everywhere and Emily choose this Mickey inspired one instead of ears. When I asked her to smile pretty so I could send a good picture to her dad, this is the grin I got. You gotta love her!

I was certain that KayLi would not want to ride anything but I couldn't have been more wrong! She LOVED the rides! The "Big Cups" was one of her favorites.

It was awesome to spend a week with my brother and his family and they always make Disney so fun! I miss them :0(

Emily wanted to be independent and fly solo on Dumbo.

KayLi LOVED the "Elephants!" I still can't believe how much she loved the rides. She even rode a pretty scary little roller coaster in Toon Town and The Pirates of the Caribbean!

This is the same child who had a MAJOR melt down on a super small carousel in China!

My brother is the photographer in our family (I missed that gene) and he got this great shot of Will! I love his expression and the action of the shot!

The lines at Disney are always long, even on a Monday but we tried to have a little fun.

But some lines were longer than others.

Taylor was such a trooper and stuck it out all day long. We all fell head over heals for this sweet baby!

KayLi couldn't resist Emily's lovely hat!

The lines to see Mickey & Minnie were way more than we could handle, so we were thrilled when Goofy made a random appearance!

KayLi did sooooo much better than I expected. I honestly thought I was going to have to spend some down time in a room on Main Street that is set aside for nursing mothers. She did awesome! I really shouldn't have worried at all. The only thing that freaked her out were the fireworks. Taylor and KayLi had fallen asleep in their strollers, so my mom volunteered to sit with them while we rode a couple faster rides. We thought the fireworks started at ten but they started at 9:30. So they woke both the little ones up and no mommies where poor mom. She ended up with two crying granddaughters and was practically in tears herself when we got to them. KayLi hugged me so tight when I picked her up and said "I happy to see you!" So sweet! She was fine the rest of the evening. The next day, after we slept in way too late, I asked her if she liked Disneyland. She replied "More Disneyland, please." I wish!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Year Ago...

We saw KayLi's precious face for the very first time. Finally, we had a face to fill the longing God had placed in our hearts.

I really can't believe it's been a year....until I look at how much KayLi has grown and changed and blossomed.

What an awesomely redemptive God we serve!

Small side note...
The white dress KayLi is wearing above, was Emily's flower girl dress from my brothers wedding. Emily wore it one week after turning four. It was a favorite in her dress up box and she had so much fun dressing KayLi in it yesterday!

Disney pictures and a recap of our California trip coming soon...promise :0)