Friday, November 19, 2010

I Love You, Mom!!!

Hi everybody, its Emily, Lisa's bestest daughter!!! And all I want to say is that I love my mommy VERY MUCH!!!!! Umm ... I also want to congratulate everyone who has just adopted or is just about to. I will tell you, from my personal opinion, it is worth it!!!!:) Love Emily(:)


Rachelle said...

What a great post, Emily. I know your mom loves you too! Excited to see your family soon!

Famille Lachance said...

It really is a beautiful message that you do your mom and all the children adopted. You have a beautiful heart!
God bless you sweet heart!

Caroline Mom of ZoƩ-Samuelle, Elie-Anne et Juliette

Jenn said... sweet! Tell your mom hi for me!! :)

Lisa said...

I love you too Em! Thanks for the sweet blog jacking!!!! At least someone is posting here...I've been terrible about it!

Kristi said...

thanks for getting on here and dusting off the blog! Remind your mom how it works, okay?
Happy National Adoption Day!

Kim said...

Emily, you are precious!!!!