Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was completely and utterly amazed when we walked into the recovery room yesterday and saw KayLi for the first time after surgery. I knew we had found a wonderfully talented doctor. I had seen all of his before and after patient pictures. And I KNOW God is a mighty and powerful healer. But to see Him heal and restore MY child, almost physically brought me to my knees.

Her lip no longer arches higher on the cleft side. The wide scar from her first surgery is gone and only one small line will remain after stitches are removed next Wednesday. The old slipped tubes in her ears came out without any problems - PTL! Dr. Genecov built up the cleft side of her nose and once the swelling subsides, her nose will be very symmetrical. Perfect is the word I really want to use!!!

She was doing so well at the hotel yesterday that we decided to come home. She sleep well through the night and has been awake since 6:30. She hasn't even needed Tylenol today! Amazing!!!

I fought anxiety so hard over this surgery. Did she really need it? Was it worth it to cause her pain and possibly cause her to be fearful of doctors? Should we wait until after the holidays? What if we put her through this and something terrible happens? Yeah, our enemy was fighting dirty but our God was victorious!

Nothing terrible happened. Her pain level was very manageable. I'm pretty sure Christmas will go on as scheduled. KayLi is home, happy and has less of a stuffy nose than she did with a previous sinus infection.


Oh, just for the record...I'm a terrible photographer to start with and these pictures were taken with my phone. Have I mentioned that I'm having camera issues. And if you are wondering why her upper lip is shiny, there is surgical glue on the incision to minimize scaring and create a protective barrier from germs.


Kristi said...

Praising our mighty healer along with you! So glad all went well!
And Kylie used to have those piggy pajamas ~ I loved them!

Tara Anderson said...

Rejoicing with you!!!! And, I love those piggy pajamas! We have the same ones...first Chloe wore them, and now Eva! They're SO snuggly!:)

Rachelle said...

WOW! She looks great! Her nose is just beautiful.

I can't believe how much all our kids have grown since being China just a few months ago.

Now you have me excited to see the Doc work his magic on the boys.

TanyaLea said...

Oh WOW!!...KayLi looks AMAZING!!! Symetrical indeed...she's just beautiful! I love that our God cares about these details, too! Now KayLi will grow up feeling beautiful about herself, just the way our Father sees her and created her!! PTL!! God is good!!!!! <><

WilxFamily said...

Oh, WOW!!! God is so good. She looks fabulous!! Just beautiful!!

I'm thanking the Lord that He has seen you and KayLi through another surgery. I love His heart for these little ones.

moonsyner said...

I am so glad you all are home and doing well!
KayLi is still as darling as ever!

Hunan Mommy said...

Puts tears in my eyes to consider what this surgery means for KayLi in the long term. So glad to know she was doing so well afterward. So glad you are over the next hurdle. As always, you are all in our prayers in the days ahead!


Michelle said...

So glad all went well.. Hope KayLi continues to stay well.. Have a great week..

Lori said...

Lisa, She looks amazing! I can't wait to see what she looks like in a week or so. These "elective" surgeries are tough. We have one to consider as well.

Praying you have a great Christmas.

Lori Schoch

Kim said...

WOW, Lisa that is one of the best revisions and reconstructions I have seen....that is amazing! She is a beautiful little girl!