Friday, December 4, 2009

First Snow?

For the season yes but most likely KayLi has seen and played in it before. Shandong, China gets a lot of snow each year. We just weren't sure if KayLi and her friends had been allowed to play in it.

We have been making a big deal out of the seasons lately and getting excited over pictures of snow in her books. I've asked her a few times if there is snow in China and she very casually says "yeah." We still weren't sure though.

When she looked outside for the first time this morning, she gasped and said "Oh no. Snow."

Right when we walked outside to play, Allie pulled up to see how she liked it. She loved it!!!

He quickly started to make a snow ball to throw at show her and she just as quickly told him no! I think that's a pretty good indicator that she has seen this cold white stuff before. He hadn't even finished making it when she warned him.

Emily was so happy to be home until 10 am and be able to enjoy it with KayLi. She and her friends were playing in it before I could get all three layers of clothing on KayLi!

She was thrilled when they canceled school for the whole day. Yep, it probably wasn't two inches and they called it a snow day. It snows so seldom here that this is a very big deal!!!

Emily had never seen snow at all until we moved here just over three years ago. She still loves making snow angels! She tried to get KayLi to make one but she was not having it. She just kept looking at Emily like she was crazy or laying down in the snow.

She thought it was pretty funny that there was snow on her scooter though.

Not long after I took this last shot (with my phone because I'm having major camera issues AGAIN!) we headed in to make a warm breakfast. Our friends Sundai, Shelby, and Logan came over for pancakes. Then the older kids went to the baseball field for a block party in the snow.

They will all be here again soon to watch the movie "Up". We are hoping KayLi will enjoy it. Until now she hasn't shown much interest in actual movies. This girl loves her some Sesame Street and Ni Hao Kai-lan though!

It's almost two in the afternoon now and most of the wonderful snow has melted. KayLi thinks it's raining because it's all dripping off the house. I'm hoping Allie will get home soon to pile on the couch with us and start the weekend a little early. I think a big pot of soup and a warm fireplace is in order! Hot coco anyone?


Kristi said...

What fun!

Tara Anderson said...

We had snow earlier in the week here in the D/FW area, and my parents down in South Texas had it today. It's crazy...but fun!!! Glad you guys were able to enjoy it!

Traci said...

We had fun in the snow, too! Toryn acted like he didn't have a clue what it was! It was so fun seeing him loving it and having a blast in it. He figured out real quick how to make a mean snowball! Thank the Lord for glass doors! Love the pics!

Jenn said...

Looks like a fun day!

We were sooooo hopeful we would get some too. We just got a couple of flurries though.

Michelle said...

I love the snow!! Our schools get canceled for a dusting...

Hunan Mommy said...

Isn't it fun to see all this through their eyes? Sidney is from Hunan, and I think they only receive ice. She kept looking at the mysterious white stuff all over our yard saying, "what dat?" So much fun! Love the pictures! It was 13 degrees in IA this morning! Brrr!