Thursday, April 22, 2010


Emily and KayLi went on another "picnic" today. If you can call it that.

The first picnic was a few weeks ago. It included a picnic basket, packed by Emily, filled with two bags of potato chips, a baggie full of cookies, two bananas and one bottle of water. Niiiice!

Today's picnic included songs, tickling, laughter, and smiles.
It's hard to pack, carry and sneak out of the house with a picnic basket full of junk food when you are on crutches!

Small side note:
Emily's ankle is getting better...slowly. If you look closely you can see some of the bruising but thankfully it is not nearly as painful now. Thank you so much for the kinds words and prayers. Hopefully she'll be off the crutches in a few days :0)


Hunan Mommy said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear about the crutches! Love the picnic! She looks so big in these pictures!


Melissa said...

I Love the PICNIC - their relationship is just so special, and you must just be beaming with pride watching the 2 of them!!! Glad the ankle is getting better, ouch!

Kristi said...

Who needs food when you have the love of a sister on a picnic?

Rachelle said...

Such sweet sisters! Tell Em we hope she is feeling much better...

Chris said...

We just started doing 'picnics' around here!!!

I love what your girls pack into their picnic baskets!!!

Sounds like what 'we' would include as well!! lol !! (Especially the two bags of chips!!!)

Glad to hear that Emily's ankle is getting better!

Jenn said...

How have I missed all these posts!!!???? Ugh...I think my blogger keeps deleting blogs in my list! Grrr....

Love all the pictures!!!