Thursday, October 29, 2009


I need to clean.
The house is dusty.
Seriously, you could sign the coffee table and call it a guest book.
I haven't vacuumed in longer than I'm willing to admit.
Laundry is piled up but laundry is ALWAYS piled up.
My sink is even full of dishes...gross!
We've been busy!!!

Once all that is done, I would love to finally put up the Fall decorations.
I LOVE Fall!
I love my Fall decorations.
I love the cooler weather.
I love the promise of much cooler weather!
I love the changes it brings.
I love how everyone comes in to hibernate.
I don't love to clean!

All I really want to do is play!!!
I/we NEED a play day!!!
I'm trying really hard to justify playing all day.
If I pat KayLi's back with each syllable I speak can I call it speech therapy?
I'll ask her lots of questions that require more than a yes or no answer.
I'll encourage her to put her teeth together and say lots of "S" words!
Really, it would be sooo much more than just playing.

Aaahhhh, but I have to clean.
Not just because there is cleaning to be done.
There are two wonderful people coming tomorrow.
People that I love, even more than playing.
People that deserve my house to feel warm and welcoming.
Once they are here, we will play all weekend!
I can't wait!!!!

So, I'll go clean.
In my head all I hear is...
I may be cleaning but I'm whining on the inside!

I wonder if KayLi wants to Du-sssst or Vac-uum?

Sorry I haven't posted about speech therapy yet. We started last week and I keep forgetting my camera. LOVE IT!!! I'll post about it when my house is a little cleaner.

Sorry too about the totally unrelated picture of KayLi. I decided it was much cuter than a picture of cleaning supplies!!!


Kristi said...

Girl I am with you on the lack of motivation, yet need, to clean! I finally caved today and used Lysol wipes to wipe down the bathroom sinks...
I would like to hear about the speech therapy. I'm not sure Caleb needs full on therapy, but I'd like some pointers on ways to help him develop his sounds!
Oh, and I totally agree, KayLi in her dress is much more beautiful than a bucket of cleaning supplies!

Rachelle said...

My house is a wreck too. I clean... but the boys just follow mw around making a mess...

Apsara said...

I don't know how is Kayli but Alexandre LOVES to help cleaning around.

When I take the vaccum he's jumping around with joy. He loves to empty the dishwasher, the washing and drying machine. Sure it's a little longer to have to do it with him but it helps to know that he finds it fun ;)

Hurry up you want to have a clean house for your special guest :)


Sheila said...

This made me laugh - and write my name in the dust on my coffee table :)

TanyaLea said...

Oh wow!...I hear ya, LOUD and CLEAR!! I could've written this post my self. Every room in my house is calling out for help and I have guests coming next weekend. Better make my checklist and get started! But like you... "I don't wannnna!!!" ;)

Have a blessed week!! <><