Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Thankful!

A week ago Saturday a sweet friend of ours invited us to her garden to take pictures before the first frost. I am so thankful for that invitation and for the wonderful pictures her daughter captured of us.

Thank you so much Jaynie and Christi for having us over and capturing this special time in our lives. We will treasure these pictures and your friendship always!

When I was looking through the pictures after she brought them by, I was over whelmed with thankfulness. I really can't describe how blessed I felt as I looked at each shot.

I have so much to be thankful for...

I'm thankful that KayLi finally knows the joy of being part of a family.

And that Emily finally knows the love of a little sister.

That I have the privilege of watching this young girl grow into a woman of God.

And that three months ago today I had the honor of becoming this sweet child's mother.

Thank you Jesus!


Kim said...

beautiful pictures....even more beautiful family!!


Jenn said...

BEAUTIFUL family picture! I'm thinkin' a great Christmas card! :)


socialworkbarbie said...

I'd love to receive a Christmas card with that picture on it! :) hint hint

I am so thankful to know you!

Did you work out your post-placement visits?

Kristi said...

What a special gift from your friends! And I understand the sentiment you feel so very well...

moonsyner said...

love the post. We are so thankful to know you and your family.

Apsara said...

You have a wonderful family :)

I love the pictures!


Lori said...

How sweet! Isn't it amazing what three months can bring? God is so faithful!

Rachelle said...

Great pics!