Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet But Not So Innocent

Last Sunday as we were leaving for church, I just HAD to stop and grab my camera. KayLi looked so cute! Her pink dress and shoes were new and the little sweater we found in China matched it perfectly.

I couldn't help but think that she looked so sweet and innocent!

Yep she's sweet alright but she is not so innocent. Trust me looks can be deceiving.

She may look like she is just sitting there, leaning against the laundry room door and calmly playing her little recorder. But on the other side of the door that...

her sister is screaming "Move KayLi! MOOOOOMMMMM, she won't let me out!!!!"

So of coarse I just HAD to grab my camera, to record this loving sisterly exchange before I asked KayLi to move.

Oh and just for the record, KayLi couldn't play with toys like this recorder or blow raspberries (called serberts around here) before her palate surgery. While she could blow bubbles without any problems these two things were very difficult. The air she would try and blow out her mouth would almost always come out her nose.

Now she's a pro! From what I understand all of the "blowing" toys and games are great for strengthening her palate. I never in a million years thought I would be intentionally looking for a whistle for one of my children but I am. Maybe we'll just blow extra bubbles!!!


Rachelle said...

We will not be doing whistles! Bubbles sound wonderful!

Kristi said...

Thanks for the story behind the picture! I'm still giggling...
Man, I think she and Caleb would get along so well!

WilxFamily said...

Too funny!!!! Oh, if we only had sound to here her sister calling for help! KayLi looks so adorable in pink..and really does look innocent x100!

So, I suppose I'll be looking for whistles and recorders for Evan too? Not sure what condition is palate is in, but I see his lip will need some work. My gut tells me he'll need an eval right away.

I just love seeing how much Kayli has blossomed since she has come home!

Hunan Mommy said...

Hilarious! It sounds like all of our kids are reaching a certain comfort level! We have had similar things happen, like when Sidney decided to pinch her older brother - HARD! She does look adorable in that dress, we always have to do a little modeling before church. If the church ladies only knew what really goes on! Cara