Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Busy Girl

With Emily in junior high, the days of barely being able to keep up with her seem to have begun. Her schedule is crazy and there is always an event coming up, project due or test to study for. She's constantly on the phone, f*cebook or texting. I'm not complaining, just stating the facts. Her teenage years are coming quickly and I KNOW how fast time will fly. It makes me kinda sad.

She LOVES playing in the band. She's doing really well too. She is first chair and went on her first band trip last weekend. It was a solo and ensemble competition and she received a Division 1 rating! She played a solo of Amazing Grace, a song the band director asked her to try. She was so nervous about it but she did great! Makes this musically challenged mama proud.

Being a big sister has been different than she dreamed it would be. KayLi has a mind of her own and isn't the baby doll Em had imagined. It hasn't been easy to give up the title of "baby" after twelve years but I think we have finally adjusted. She is a great Jie Jie!

She is seriously looking forward to Spring Break. We all are. The girls and I are heading to California. I can't wait to see my family there and meet my new niece. Emily can't wait for Disneyland and the beach! Even if she will miss a certain guy that she texts a LOT!

On a side note, please say a little prayer for us. We are beginning our Spring Break a little early and leaving tomorrow. I'm a little worried about KayLi. It will be the first time we have been on a plane since coming home. Plus, we will be gone for almost a week...without Allie. I know we will have a great time but I'm just the teeniest bit concerned that it may be confusing or over whelming for her. I appreciate your prayers!

And if you have any ideas as to why blogger is underlining the paragraph above and it was first appearing like a link, I would love to hear them. I'm clueless :0)


Hunan Mommy said...

I am anxious to see how your trip goes. We are making plans to away for the summer and need insight! As always, love the photos.


Kristi said...

Have a wonderful time in CA ~ and I will be praying for you and sweet KayLi as you are away from Allie.
Emily seems like such a great kid, she's the kind of girl that made teaching middle school a sane choice...
I have no advice to offer on the underlining, but if you know how to make blogger spell check now, I'd love to know!

Melissa said...

Have a wonderful time in CA, I have just been checking in finally on you, and KayLi and Emily are such lovely sisters together:) I will pray for you to have a wonderful, memorable trip!!! Take lots of pictures, we are hoping to take Matthew to Disney (world) in September!!! Have fun, and I hope you are able to relax!