Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Beautiful!

"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news."
Isaiah 52:7

Through the Shandong Kids chat group I have been able to "meet" three other families who are waiting to bring home children from the Social Welfare Institute in Jining, Shandong (KayLi's orphanage). One of those families is in China right now and they held their son for the first time yesterday! They are staying in Jinan, the capital of Shandong and their child was brought there from the SWI in Jining to meet them.

They said that the director and nanny seem like very loving and caring people who answered many questions for them. The nanny even teared up a little at one point. We have suspected that this little boy is the first international adoption from this SWI and the director confirmed that he is their first adoption ever.

We have all been watching Lydie and her family closely, since we knew they were going first. It's soooooo exciting to see that their son was well cared for! He seemed to have been prepared to meet them and that just thrilled my heart!!!!

Their family will be going to the SWI in Jining today and they have promised to ask about our children. They will not be allowed into the SWI but they will be able to take pictures of the outside. Since KayLi was found at the SWI this is a very special place to us. In the world of adoption, it's called her "finding spot." A place carefully chosen by her birth family. A place where they knew she would be found quickly and cared for. I'm so thankful that Lydie and her family will be able to take pictures and are willing to share with us, since we may not be able to go.

Please pray that they are able to get updates of our children and that maybe, just maybe they will be allowed to see our children and take pictures of them.


Sharon said...

It is so amazing the friendships that form during this journey. I have become good friends with several of the ladies who went before us or after us to pick up kids from Hudson's orphanage. It really is our kid's extended family! Hoping you get some fun updates!

Traci said...

Oh, how cool! I'm praying that you will get a great update on our little KayLi. Notice I said "our", because who knows, she may one day be my daughter-in-law. LOL You know I'm just kidding, but hey that would be way cool! Hee hee. Ok, tell her Daddy that I really was just kidding. I can see him now, making sure all those boys are far, far away from his little princess!
Does Lydie have a blog we could follow with you?

WilxFamily said...

that mini quilt is so priceless. Gods love filtering through people never ceases to amaze me.....and I hope it never ceases too!

Oh, yes!! Does Lydie have a blog? I'd love to follow too!