Saturday, June 13, 2009

It All Adds Up!

Two amazing friends.

Four days of really hard "work."

One very unfortunate frog incident.

(Yes, I'm scared of them.
Yes, I will run and jump on top of a toilet and scream like a little girl if you chase me with one.
And yes, my "friends" will find this so hysterical that they will fall on the floor laughing and still try to take pictures.)

One really big but fixable mistake.

All adds up to one amazing quilt top that is ready to be sent away to be quilted as soon as we return from China.

Thanks beyond thanks to everyone who sent fabric, wrote wishes, cut, sewed, ironed and cooked to welcome KayLi home in such a sweet way.
I know she will tell her grandchildren about you!


WilxFamily said...

Oh my, that is so beautiful. It matches her. That is priceless!!

Traci said...

Oh, Lisa-
It is so beautiful! You all did a great job!

priscilla said...

The quilt is looking so good!!! That is just mean to scary you with a frog, oh but how funny it was. love ya

Kristi said...

I'm a bad person, I have to admit I snickered a tiny bit about the frog...
The quilt is BEAUTIFUL and it will be so meaningful to KayLi!