Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Dreams and in Love...

I think I went a little over the top with the pink in KayLi's room. It's really a Strawberry Milkshake Explosion but I love it! It's sweet and simple and soooooo ready to be played in.

I saw this quote on an adoption blog but I can't remember where...if anyone knows where, let me know and I'd love to link it. It looks like I painted it crocked but I promise it's straight.

I found the wooden ladybug wall hanging almost three years ago and have basically planned the room around it. Emily added bows to her antenna a few months ago...aren't they cute?! I hand painted the flowers and love their little splash of color.

I tried to bring a different color in by painting the inside of one of her closets a spring green. I had a hard time getting the lighting right for this picture's not quite this bright in person.

I love the Moses basket full of dolls! Some were mine, a couple were Emily's and so far there is one of KayLi's. I need to write a post about the Moses's story is way too long for this one.

I also love the blue jean bag that Emily made KayLi. While my friends and I sewed KayLi's quilt, Emily was very busy with this cute bag. It was so nice to see her pour so much thought and love into it for her little sister.

The string of flower frames will be filled with pictures of our time in China...soon!

My brother and sister in law sent KayLi the surfboard plaque with her name on it. They bought it forever ago at the LA County Fair and now it's finally hanging in her room. Thanks Jay & Wendy! I love the touch of California that it adds.

I'm hoping to find some artwork while we are in China to go above her bed. For now there is a picture of KayLi in all her cuteness!

A huge thank you to Mrs.Barron for the gorgeous handmade quilt at the foot of her bed.
I LOVE it!

Each night as I walk by KayLi's room to go to bed, I imagine how wonderful it will be to peak in and see her sleeping in her sweet bed. Soon, very soon, I'll be able to stop imagining.

Priscilla and I spent a Sunday afternoon stringing this flower garland for her windows and I love how it turned soft and girly. I think I'm going to add some ribbon where the garland connects to the curtain rod. What do you think?

I had so much fun putting the things I've been collecting for KayLi on all her little shelves. I've arranged and rearranged them countless times. There are so many treasures in this picture!

The nannies cradle was made for Emily by a very dear friend of ours, Mr. Renwick. Emily spent so much time rocking her babies and even our cat in this chair. I know KayLi will love it as well.

On top of the small bookshelf are a couple of the Sonya Lee figures we've been collecting from Fisher Price's Little People (there are a few on her dresser too). My brother found the first one...Sonya Lee on a tractor...and we've been searching for them ever since.

Allie's mom bought the little wooden rocking chair when the older grandkids were young and she gave it to Emily several years ago. Now KayLi will be able to enjoy it too. On the back of the rocking chair is the softest afghan ever. Thank you Mrs. Margaret for such a treasured keepsake!!

I could go on forever about each item on the higher shelves...Emily's little bear, the sterling silver fortune cookie that say's Jesus hearts KayLi inside, my favorite dress hanging on a padded hanger with Proverbs 22:16 stitched on it, the heart frame to be filled with a very special picture...but really how much do you want to read ;0)

I do have to mention the small book on the right hand shelf. I've filled it with scriptures that God has used to speak to me and encourage me through the whole adoption process. Every time I get discouraged this book is my weapon. Not once through this process has God failed to lift me up and remind me that He is a covenant keeping God. From the very beginning He has been faithful to provide exactly what we have needed each step of the way. I can't wait to see His promise fulfilled!


Kimi said...

KsyLi's room is PRECIOUS!! You know a girl can NEVER have too much PINK :-).

I can't wait to see pictures of KayLi playing in her room...very very soon!!


WilxFamily said...

Oh, Lisa. Her room is so beautiful. It's so serene in there now, but soon it will be full of squeals, giggles and toys all over! What a wonderful day that will be!! I am so excited for you and your family. This pink in beautiful!! It looks soft and pure to me.

I bet she will treasure the Scripture book when she is older. I'm sure it will bring her peace and encouragement, during times of sadness, as it has you during this process.

What a sweet, sweet room.

Kristi said...

Oh what a sweet room! I want to walk in and sit down. And just think, soon you'll have a little girl who will take all those items off the carefully arranged shelves, and you won't even care despite the amount of time it took you to get them "just right" because you love her so!

ps ~ and you're right, it is very similar to Ky's room at the old house!

priscilla said...

The room is perfect just the way it is!!!!!!!!! You did a great job on everything. KayLi is going to love her room

delladays said...

KayLi's room is adorable!! I must say I love that green!!!!! Congrats on the TA... hopefully we're soon behind. I hope Della and KayLi can reunite in the years to come. ....I have always meant to get to Austin is that nearby?

Traci said...

I absolutely love the room! I certainly think Toryn did, too! KayLi is going to love it, and I CANT wait to see the two of them playing together in it! Soon, my friend, very soon!

I really enjoyed our visit yesterday! PLEASE, keep asking those questions! I love answering them. Like I said, it is like we are going again all over!

Love you,

Stephanie, Stephen, Shaelyn and Selena said...

OK, you got me :-) I had tears in my eyes as soon as I read about the denim bag your older daughter made for her Mei Mei (little sister). The room is wonderful and has so much love in it already. I know KayLi will feel all of that love when she is in your arms. And yes, a girl can never have too much pink!!