Monday, June 8, 2009

Fifth Grade Fashion!

It's hard to believe that Emilys fifth grade year is over...sigh! It seems like only yesterday that she stated that this year she was going to be "all about fashion!" She was so excited about the endless possibilities of wardrobe combinations and accessories. She still loves to lay out several outfits at a time and rearrange them over and over, mixing and matching the different styles with various bracelets and necklaces. It's so funny to watch!

So I have been trying to capture a few of my favorite style combinations through out the year with this post in mind. While she wasn't constantly fashion conscience, she really developed a sence of who she was this year.

She even tried her hand at designing a pair of jeans. You have to click on the picture to see that she is pointing to where she wrote "God Rocks". I love the leggings under the jeans...too cute! And I can't tell you how much she loved the green hat...sigh again!

She was all about scarves but somehow I didn't get any pictures of them. At least I took this picture the day she got her new glasses.

Of coarse there was the Red Tie!

Dresses over jeans were a big hit! But neither of us can remember why she was holding the hem up like that. Oh well, the edgy "model look" is still cute!

By the end of the year she was really "all about fashion." Don't you love the two different colored flip flops? So Punky Brewster!

Look out junior high...Emily's coming!!!


Jenn said...

Cute, Cute!!

priscilla said...

I love her stlye!! i LOVE the red tie she is so cute. Love TWILLA

Kimi said...

I love her style! You have one creative girl on your hands.