Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've read more posts about birth mothers over the last four years than I can count. Everyone seems to express similar thoughts. Feelings of thankfulness and connectedness. A deep gratitude for the care she took in making sure our daughter was as safe as possible. A desire to somehow share with her that our daughter is well and very loved. An enormous longing to tell her that her choice to give our daughter a chance at getting the medical help she needs was worth it.

I understand all those posts because today the baby that she cared for and held for the first fifteen days of her life turned three years old. I can't help but wonder if she is thinking of her. I can't imagine that she isn't. No one that sacrificed so much, could possibly let the day pass without thoughts of the little one she loved.

My heart breaks for this woman who I will likely never meet. And all I can do is pray for her.

Lord, please draw KayLi's birth mother to you. Help her to know you as her Savior, so that she might know the forgiveness and peace that only you can give. May she somehow know that her daughter is loved beyond measure. And may she be filled to the fullness of your love.


Kristi said...

What a beautiful prayer for KayLi's birth mother!

WilxFamily said...

I pray the same way for Evan's mom.

Oh, what they are missing....and probably grieve they didn't have to. Her little girl was hand picked by the Creator of the universe...just for you. WOW. I love how God has His hand upon these little ones. He must be working in the hearts of all these birthmoms in China.

Happy Birthday KayLi!!

socialworkbarbie said...

I know God is listening to that prayer. I wish all adoptive parents shared your thoughts on birth mothers!