Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lovin Life Outside

KayLi LOVES to be outside. She loves the flowers, the trees (yes there are a few in West Texas) and even just walking on the grass. I love how her hair is still sticking out from her nap!

The Summer heat has finished off almost all of the Spring flowers but Emily and KayLi picked a few.

KayLi just wanted to hold and sometimes smell the flowers. Emily on the other hand, got creative and put them in the frame of her glasses!

Emily tried to show KayLi how to ride her scooter. I think KayLi needs one with four wheels :0) As long as Emily kept her balanced, KayLi was happy to be pulled around.

At least until she decided it would be fun to pull Emily.

They make me smile!

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you may remember this jean purse that Emily made for KayLi. Somehow I knew this would happen! Oh and please completely ignore the unmade bed in the background. Someday, my house will be tidy again but right now, I'm enjoying these two precious people more than I ever dreamed possible!


Rachelle said...

Everyone looks happy! :)

Kim said...

It looks like Emily is having a ball with little sister...love the flowers in the glasses Emily..nice touch :-)I guess she is your flower child, I have one, she is 25 yrs old...love it!

And I too LOVE LOVE the little bed head....or nap head. So precious.


Apsara said...

I love to see your girls together. They seem to go along so well.

Lucky you, I have boys and... boys will always be boys, not so maternal.

Don't worry about the untidyness, you should see my house!

WilxFamily said...

You must be floating on cloud 9 watching your girls.

Have to admit...I'm kinda envious as I always wanted a big sister!! Kayli is so blessed to have such a great big sis!

Melissa said...

Oh Lisa - these pictures are just amazing...what an amazing bond the girls have....everyone is glowing, and I am so happy things are going so well! Are you still jetlagged? I know it took us forever to recover when we got home! Love, Melissa

Kristi said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly two girls "become sisters!" They are precious together!