Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Help Please

We are working on an adoption reimbursement that my husbands employer provides and need a translation service to translate KayLi's adoption certificate into English. The translation needs to be notarized. Do any of you know of such a service? I would really appreciate any leads :0)

The picture above is of KayLi playing on an awesome "carousel" in one of the waiting areas at KayLi's surgeons...I just threw it in for some random cuteness!


WilxFamily said...

WOW. I wish I could help you! What about your adoption agency? Surely there would be someone there that can translate, and someone who can notarize! Or, they might know of someone. Wish I had more ideas for you.

God provided all of our notary needs in such a miraculous way...I'm positive He'll do the same for you.

Kristi said...

I was thinking for a second that you were going to ask for help from getting "killed with cuteness" or something like that. Sorry I don't have any leads, we aren't blessed with an employee reimbursement program...
I wish I could get one of those horses for my living room!