Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

Well, I managed to get my house clean in time for Ryan and his high school sweetheart Ana's arrival. Was there ever any doubt? I even managed to get the Fall decorations in place!

Have I mentioned that I REALLY LOVE Fall !?!?!?

We started off our weekend by pumpkin carving on Friday night. KayLi wasn't sure about the pumpkin guts at first...

but she soon discovered that that slimy can be fun! Especially when she learned you can eat the raw pumpkin...a gross!

Our friends daughter was over for the evening and these two little sweeties really wanted to join in. tools and toddlers....let's just say they are both adopted and we didn't want to have to explain anything to their social workers :0)

Emily saved the night by showing them how to pock holes in the scraps from her pumpkin. Safe enough for a social worker! Em's such a good Jie Jie.

Most of us used patterns but Ryan couldn't find one he liked, so he decided to be original.

You never would have guessed that Ana had never carved a pumpkin before. She was a pro!

KayLi really loved the pumpkin that "we" made. She did help clean out those slimy guts remember!

Em's turned out very cute. Just like her!

Ryan's non-pattern was his "signature." Yep, that's my boy!

Allie's, well...he didn't use a pattern either.

Ana's turned out as adorable as she is. It looked very cute lite!

Here's Emily's.

And Ana's and KayLi's. I told you Ana's was cute lite!

Ok, Allie's did turn out cute once it was lite. I just can't help but think he was going for a self portrait in pumpkin form.

Hopefully I'll have a chance later tonight to post about Saturday night's Fall Festival. But right now the people I live with are really hoping I will make dinner.

A little note about the Happy Face Balloon picture in the last post. We had bought KayLi a couple helium balloons last weekend. The Happy Face balloon was starting to loose helium and do some serious hovering. You're right Kristi it was a little freaky...but funny!


Breanna said...

I LOVE your pumkins... and I think that maybe Allie's was my's hillarious! :) They all turned out GREAT...what a fun variety of talents you have there!! The cat was really cool, too! Fun stuff!! :)

WilxFamily said...

OK...your family has some SERIOUS pumpkin carving skills! I love how they all "look" like their carvers! I would have absolutely guessed who they belonged to just by "knowing" your family through the bloggy world!!

I love seeing all the fun your family has together. It just warms my soul!

Kristi said...

Great pumpkins! I still need to post about ours...
And what is it about kids and slimy pumpkin guts?

Hunan Mommy said...

Love the pink pumpkin! Also love the photos above with Allie in her Halloween costume! BTW, we FINALLY got surgery dates set for Jan!