Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Look At The Cuteness

Well, apparently it's a miracle that I got through KayLi's adoption paperwork the first time. Our agency reminded me that our Adoption Certificate was translated and notarized in China. I totally spaced off that said document was one of three given to us in Shandong. Hopefully we will find favor with the HR department and a Chinese notary will suffice.

I posted more of the pictures from the "carousel" in the hopes that you will be so stunned by KayLi's cuteness that you will forget all about how much of an idiot I can be :0)


Rachelle said...

I got some employee reimbursement money and it took forever. Make sure you have copies of your receipts as well. That caused a BIG issue for me. Good Luck!

TanyaLea said...

Praying that everything works out in your favor without any further 'hiccups' or bumps in the road!! <><


Kristi said...

You don't have to offer cute pictures for me to overlook paperwork induced brain meltdowns ~ I'm currently working on the I-800, the I-864W, and the DS-230. If I have ANY brain cells left after those are done I'll be amazed!
Really cute play area by the way!

Jill said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! Congrats on your newest family member! :) She is precious! I just added myself, and look forward to following the rest of your journey!

Melissa said...

Honestly, could she be any cuter???She really must bring you so much joy - makes up for all the paperwork headaches :)