Monday, November 2, 2009

No Tricks, Just Treats!

Ok, say it in unison with me..."Aaawwwwww!!!" I KNOW!!!! Is she the cutest Minnie Mouse ever or what?!?!?

For at least 18 years Allie has begged one, if two of my children to be a robot for Halloween. I am raising intelligent children who understand how uncomfortable cardboard can be after 20 minutes and they have always steadfastly refused. This year Emily humored him. Either that or she just wanted him to shut up, I'm not sure which.

She really was a cute robot though. I hate that I was having major camera issues.

Once the robot costume was complete and Minnie's face was sufficiently painted we headed for a Fall Festival that one of the local churches put on. It was a blast! Thanks so much Trinity Baptist...Great job!!!

Ryan graciously slide with KayLi on her first inflatable slide and she loved it!

Emily and her sweet friend Shelby walked the cake walk several times and I'm fairly convinced that there is large cake walk conspiracy across the great state of Texas. In over 21 years of parenting, countless carnivals and festivals, my children have never won a single cake. E.V.E.R. Shelby and her brother Logan won this one festival. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want to but I'm just sayin'!

Since Emily's costume was not jumping castle attire Shelby took KayLi in and bounced with her until she was sure of this large inflated box.

It didn't take long before she was having a great time with my friend Traci's little Asian Sensation!

A great time until I said, "KayLi, no more candy until we get home."
Seriously this was the reaction!

It's just pitiful to fill an entire pink purse full of candy and tell her to stop eating it after piece number, who knows what!

She cheered up fast though when we went to take this picture in this cute little spot. There was a barrel full of apples and plastic pumpkins set out and well, let's just say I'm really glad the place was almost deserted before she and Toryn found them.

I love this picture though! Em is soooooo done with her costume and Logan finally decided he would like to wear one!

This was the first Halloween for both these little cuties and they totally loved it!

I loved how Minnie's nose rubbed off throughout the evening and she smiles so cute when you ask her to say "Cheese!"


Melissa said...

OK, she is clearly one of the cutest Minnie Mouse's I have ever seen! I love the pictures!!! It looks like she had a blast!!!

WilxFamily said...

Kayli is the most adorable Minnie!!! Her personality just seems to be showing through the pictures more and more, and it's so neat to see all of her faces. I especially like the "no more candy face."

Kristi said...

Emily's robot costume is awesome! And yes, KayLi is the cutest Minnie I think I've ever seen.
Love that no more candy reaction, I think I've even seen it before myself...

Rachelle said...

Minnie was adorable!

Kim said...

Oh my how adorable!! She is the cutest Minnie EVER!

Love the pictures! Fun times!


socialworkbarbie said...

Looks like you guys are having so much fun!! Glad Ryan and his gf got to come home for a bit!