Friday, December 19, 2008

40 Winks 'til Christmas!

Yesterday Emily's school preformed their Christmas program titled "40 Winks" and they did such a great job! I was so proud of our kids! Emily was the best dancing disco bear I've ever seen!!! I think she gets her moves from her daddy!

Many thanks to Mrs. Tucker for all her hard work and really paid off. And thanks to Mr. Fishback for video taping it and posting it on the school site. With family all over the country, this is awesome! I appreciate you both more than you know!

You can click here for the scene Emily is in and here for their big number "When The Toys All Came To Life." It's titled "What a Day" but the link should work fine.

Our friend Priscilla was so sweet, she brought Emily the most beautiful roses! I'm loving the picture of Emily posing with them. She's quite the drama queen! We may have found her calling! Thanks for making Emily's day special Priscilla. We love you!

Congratulations to all the kids at Elbow Elementary...great job you guys!!!!


priscilla said...

that is a great pic. of emily with the flowers.

Mom Of Many said...

Hi Lisa,
Stopping by to thank you for joining the friends at A Place Called Simplicity.

I loved your post about the stones....way to go!!

May God richly provide for each thing you need as you journey toward your next little one...
Love from Colorado,