Saturday, December 20, 2008

Simple Provisions...Big Blessings!

Thursday afternoon I meet with our family doctor to discuss our adoption and how the special needs process works. I've been a little worried about this because our pediatrician relocated a couple months ago and I haven't found a new one yet. So meeting a general physician for our future under two year old worried me some. It didn't take long for me to know I was exactly where I was suppose to be!

Two awesome things happened at the doctors appointment.
1. His receptionist has been considering adoption and wanted all the information I could give her. I was able to exchange e-mail addresses with her and give her links to our agencies! Praise God! I'm praying for you Rebekah!!!!
2. I discovered that our doctor has just moved here from the Dallas area and is very familiar with the doctors at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children! He will be able to refer us to some of the best doctors out there! Is our God awesome or what!!!!

After the doctors visit I was rushing home to work on treats for teachers gifts. Usually I am ahead of the game but not this year. God's call to a special needs adoption and the fact our immigration paperwork will expire in a couple months have thrown my holiday schedule for a little loop. A very wonderful & peaceful loop though!!

So when my friends Priscilla & T.J. said they would come over Thursday evening while Allie & I went out for a couples date night, I was thrilled. They were so awesome! We came home to beautiful hand dipped pretzels that were drizzled and sprinkled to perfection! All T.J. and I had to do was package them up and make them festive.

Unfortunately Emily has a cold and missed her class Christmas party, which meant that I would have to deliver them with her home on the couch. I know she's eleven and I shouldn't fret over her but I hate leaving my kids when they are sick. So I was even more thankful when T.J. said she would deliver them for me. All this to say THANK YOU Priscilla & T.J.!!!!! You helped more than you know!! I love you guys!!!

Oh and the couples date night was awesome!!! Our church has the best pastor and youth minister ever...even if they are a little suspect!!! And have I mentioned that I kinda like their wives? Thanks for a great evening!!!!!

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