Monday, December 22, 2008

A Gingerbread Masterpiece

When Emily was five she and I assembled a gingerbread house from one of those premade kits. Not because I thought it would be a great holiday activity but because my mom decided to torture my sister in law and I by sending them to the kids in our lives! Needles to say we haven't made one since but Emily has asked to do it again every year. This year I finally decided to buy another one. She didn't really have the patience for it when she was five but I knew she would be fine this year.

Tonight while I was trying to finish up some baking I asked Allie if he would help her put it together. I was so thankful that he was excited about it! It seems like every year I have great plans for wonderful holiday activies but when it gets down to it there is simply not enough time for it all. Next year I'm going to have to be much more realistic with a toddler wonderfully under foot!!!

They really seemed to enjoy their time together and created quite a masterpiece! When they finished they ate the icing from the bags and decided it was great glue but not so tasty as icing goes. Allie even tried to give Emily a gingerbread man type smile with it...gross! That's my man, always so serious!

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