Friday, March 27, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

Wednesday Night I filled in for Emily's G.A. teacher and we had such a good time! My friend Priscilla helped and she was awesome! She was the brave one who climbed on a huge ladder to take pictures of the girls spelling out "WE 'heart' U!" Then I was the wimpy one who printed the pictures and the girls were the creative ones who made a poster for their regular teacher...Hi Cindy!!!

On a side note...check out Emily's feet. She is all about wearing two different colored flip flops most days!


Kristi said...

Fun picture! And I love Emily's style, seems like a good solution when you can't decide which pair would be better...

Traci said...

Sounds & looks like you all had fun! We really enjoyed your visit and Toryn LOVES his race track you guys gave him. He lost the little blue car for a brief time and it was almost the end of the world, but praise God, we found it! It had found its way in between the couch cushion! Thank you so much for thinking of him. Also, the cards are beautiful! All of them! I have already sent most of the variety ones! I love them!

I cannot tell you how emotional I was yesterday.............for you!