Saturday, March 7, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday - Saturday Edition

Oh, so pitiful that I'm posting a Favorite Photo Friday on Saturday but such is life. I spent yesterday in Lubbock at a follow up doctors appointment (stitches are gone and life is GOOD!) And spending time with Ryan was a great bonus!!!

But it did mean no time to post a picture that I love, so here goes...

Not long ago I was looking back over the short history of this blog (all 36 posts, ohhhh) and noticed that I haven't written much about my amazing husband. For shame, for shame. How could I possibly be overlooking the best part of my life and myself? Sadly this post is long past due :0(

He took this picture of himself and I think his creativity with it was pretty cool. He is a musician and for those that don't recognize it, his refection is in the pick up on his guitar. He has been playing the guitar longer than he's been my man. That means he's been playing for a long time now ;0) It's something that I sooooo love about him.

From rock to country. And from blues to Tejano, he has basically played it all. Long before we put Christ at the center of our lives I would sit in smoke filled beer joints and blues bars, trying so hard to be a supportive wife. There is really nothing like being hit on by some drunk idiot who is making a fool out of himself while your husband is on stage five feet away. It seems so funny looking back on it but at the time....uh, not so much!

Now he plays for an audience of One and nothing could touch my heart more. He has played in and led praise and worship teams. Led worship for revival services. And taught countless teenagers to play. So in August when he began leading worship at our new little church, it simply felt natural and right.

Praise God who stepped in and began to turn our hearts to Him. The transformation that took place was nothing short of a miracle in our lives. To watch Allie publicly praise God and lead our congregation to do the same brings tears to my eyes weekly. And as he practices, our home is filled with Gods presence as's just awesome!!!

So Allie, if you are reading this, please know that I love you "More Than Words." I'm glad we both had "Patience." I thank God everyday for lighting an "Eternal Flame" in us. And I will always be "Right Here Waiting For You" because "I Remember You."


Sharon said...

Sweet, sweet post! We so often overlook them don't we?

Kimi said...

What a beautiful post honoring your special man....and a very talented man at that, not only a musician but also a photographer...that picture is AWESOME!

Read and thought you must be close to oldest son is a Texas Tech Red Raider.

My camera is a Canon Rebel XTi. I am a beginner but am having alot of fun learning.