Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break Interrupted

Much to Emily's disappointment, Spring Break 2009 was slightly interrupted yesterday by a lovely ice storm.

It's a little heartbreaking to see newly budded tree limbs covered in a sheet of ice. Especially when Emily and her friend Shelby had plans to go to Shebly's grandparents house on the river in San Angelo.

Instead they busied themselves painting crosses to glue onto canvas' that they also painted. I love how serious Emily looks!

And how NOT serious Emily looks. I don't know why she would get annoyed with her mother for taking so many pictures for her blog? At least Shelby was a good sport!

The finished crosses on canvas came out really cute! Emily even added flowers and buttons to hers. And it matches her newly decorated room perfectly.

I love Shelby's use of polka dots! It makes me think of a sunny, blue sky. Which is very nice on a day like today.

This was taken today when, believe it or not, it got a little warmer. They just HAD to go out and look at all the icicles. So since they looked so cute in their hats and scarves, I just HAD to take their picture! The roads even improved enough that they headed to San Angelo this afternoon. San Angelo is south of us, so hopefully they will have much warmer weather. I'm pitifully excited that Emily took her little camera!


Sharon said...

It would be even harder having our cold here if the trees had started budding....I wonder if my flowers are blooming back in TX???
Happy spring break!!

Kristi said...

What gives with weather across the country? Last Monday we had snow, Friday thru yesterday we had 80s, today it was 48, and our temps are scheduled to drop for the next several days...
I hope the girls have fun and they get some sunny, warm skies!