Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'll Watch It Again and Again!

Yesterday I was checking out a few of my favorite blogs and came across Sharon's post about the movie The Children of Huang Shi. I was so excited! I had recently put that movie on my Blockbuster queue and knew it was likely in my mail box. So my mom ran to the post office (I'm still not running yet but I will be soon!) and yeah, it was there!

What an awesome movie!!! It is the first time in forever that I went straight to Amazon.com and bought a movie. I really can't recommend it enough. Even if we were not in the middle of an adoption from China, I would be in love with this film.

It's the story of an English journalist and an American nurse who relocate 60 orphans during the Japanese invasion of China during the 1930's. It gives you an amazing look at the history of China and mentions several places that are familiar to the adoption community.

It's not a movie for the whole family though. There are very realistic war scenes, that my 11 year old isn't ready for. Not to mention a love scene that I could have done without. Oh, for the days when they could tell a story and keep it clean!

The link above is to the movies official site. I linked you to their synopsis page. Unless you are a read the last page of the book first kinda girl, don't go to their home page...it spoils the ending :0(

Oh, and it's based on actual events. After the movie they even interview several of the now grown children that were rescued. So, so good!!!

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Kimi said...

I have never seen it...I'll be sure and check it out.