Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday sweet nephew Will! He asked my sister in law to take this picture of him because "I a cool kid at the park." He has been saying some of the cutest things lately!

Things like:

"I like this store. They got good snacks." They were at Sams!

"You a strong cool dad." After my brother picked him up.

"I gonna make a birthday cake for my best friend, girl friend Mommy."

He's also heard a lot about his new little cousin coming from China and loves Ni Hoa Kai-lan. The combination has created some one liners that will be talked about at family gatherings for years to come! Here are a few of my favorites:

"Mom, why they don't got forks in China? Why they just got sticks?"

"They got a big wall in China. I donno know why, but they got a big wall."

"Mom, take me to China to see my cousin and eat dumplings."

I'm right there with you Will!!!!

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