Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Quick Trip

It seems that whenever we go to South Texas we never have enough time. We are always rushing to see as many people as possible and never get to see everyone. Maybe next time.

This trip was no exception. We arrived late Friday and had a Bar B Q with family at Allie's moms house on Saturday. While the "adults" visited for the first time in six months, Emily and Shelby had a blast with water balloons! Emily was a little disappointed that she didn't get to see her friend Megan but somehow water balloons made everything fine. That and a quick visit with the Herrera family. I was so sad that she forgot her camera and didn't get any pictures of her with their girls :0( And even more sad that I didn't get to visit! I was also disappointed that I didn't get any pictures with my aunt and uncle! Maybe next time.

I don't know when it started but we have been taking pictures under "The Tree" in the front yard forever. So I made (yes made) the girls pose for a couple pictures there. I love the look on Shelby's face! It's kind of a very polite "Get off me!"

On Sunday morning we all went camera crazy and tried to get as many different group shots as possible. I'm glad Allie's mom thought of taking one of "three generations." Maybe next time, KayLi will be in this shot.

Then we decided to get one of "the kids." They were all being silly (just like they probably were when they were kids!) The guys stopped doing their gangster poses right before I took the picture. Sorry Susan...I think it's a good look for you...really!

Then I wanted one of Emily and Grandma Sharon. This weekend Emily was excited to discover that she was the same height as her grandma. Allie's mom has always been tiny and this discovery has turned into a family milestone. We have been teasing that maybe KayLi will be the only grandchild that doesn't pass up Grandma Sharon's height!

When we finished with ALL the picture taking, we headed out to our former neighbors and enjoyed a nice lunch with Doug, Christina and our good friends Monte & Debbie and their family. I really wish I had been better at taking pictures out at their place! They kids (the actual young people that is) Had a good time by their pond and are certain they saw a water moccasin! It was no where to be found when the guys investigated, though. There faces as they ran away from the pond were priceless though!

Maybe next time we head South I will be quicker with the camera. And maybe next time we will stay longer! This was one very tiring, fast trip!!!

If we missed you...I'm so sorry!!! Please know that we really wanted to see your sweet face and hug you!!!! Maybe next time...


Kristi said...

Your regrets on not seeing everyone sound a lot like how we used to be when we would visit Ian's dad in teh DC area. I have an aunt and uncle, two cousins, and a dear friend from high school in the area. Ian has his college bible study leader and the guy who was the best man in our wedding. On top of all those folks we have one of Kylie's China sisters (actually her roommate at the SWI) and so we have made a trip rotation so that we don't wear ourselves out trying to see everyone in one three day visit.
It looks like you guys had a blast and I LOVE the picture of Emily and Shelby under the tree!

priscilla said...

Glad ya'll had a good time. Emily and shelby look so so much older for there age. "I dont know why I just saw that."