Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My Sweet friend Traci came by the other day with the most amazing gift for KayLi!!! It was this huge gift bag full of all kinds of things that helped make their trip to China more comfortable. I had never thought of a beach ball...simply brilliant!! I can't tell you how fun it was to go though this bag of goodies and imagine what it will be like to finally get to use these things! Well, maybe not the scabies medicine that, praise God, you didn't need!

My other sweet friend Priscilla seems to bring KayLi something every time she comes over. I hear the same thing each time... "I was at Wal Mart and couldn't help myself." I can't wait to see her in these bright colors! And these are the most amazing snack cups ever!!!

Of course my mom has been shopping too. She has gone ladybug crazy!!! And Allie loves the fact that she already owns a Spurs outfit. She won't be home long before she's cheering
"Go Spurs Go".

Mrs. Baggett, who we go to church with, surprised us one Sunday, almost two years ago, with this super snugglie blanket for KayLi. She even embroidered her name on it!

Allie's cousin Jennifer sent these adorable gifts over two years ago the wait has taken forever! This blanket is sooooo soft!!! And you've gotta love all the pink!

Priscilla also bought KayLi this turtle bath tub toy scooper. Girl, you really have to stop going into the baby department!!! But I LLLOOOOVVVVVEEEE it!!!!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your thoughtfulness and generosity. It's so encouraging to know other people are thinking of her while we wait. She is so spoiled....I mean LOVED...already!!!


Kristi said...

Now I just can't wait to see KayLi wearing the cute clothes and playing with the toys...
(I guess a bit less than you)

Kimi said...

Oh my goodness...what great friends you have! I know they are a treasure as you are to them.

That girl is going to be spoiled rotten...don't ya love it...there's nothing more fun than spoiling!


Traci said...

I so glad you liked it! I can't wait to see her wearing and playing with everything either! Hurry up PA!

priscilla said...

see there is nothing wrong with spoiling her with things. and i dont bring kayli something all the time lol. and until i have my own kids to buy for i like to spoil others love ya twilla