Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's overwhelming how strong my desire to nest is at the moment! My "To Do" list of simple things (and a few not so simple) seems a mile long. I may never be finished with it before we travel. I can see myself now..."Wait I'll be ready to leave for the airport as soon as I finish sewing this 100 Good Wishes Quilt." So today I decided to cross one of the simple things off the list...KayLi's laundry.

For the very first time, I washed her little dresses and matched her little socks. It sounds so simple but I LOVED folding little clothes again. To say that I loved doing laundry...any such an amazing act God. Seriously a true miracle! I am not exaggerating when I say I LOATH laundry! I can't stand to start a job I can't finish and laundry is NEVER finished. But today it was such a joy!!! Amazing!!!

Two of the things I washed were blankets we are getting ready for a care package we'll be sending to China. One we will mail her and one we will take to China. That way if the orphanage staff leaves the first one at the orphanage maybe KayLi will recognize the one we bring. I'll do the same thing with a little doll, as soon as I find just the right one!

I guess I should go for now. I have cupboards to clean out, two rooms to paint, child safety latches to install, and a quilt to sew!!!


Traci said...

Ok, girl-
You are making the rest of us look bad! You are good! Laundry is my least favorite chore. I guess it is a little more fun now that there are cute little socks!
Have fun with your "list" and remember, I'm here if you need help!

priscilla said...

That all sounds so much fun.. And it helps when you have people to help you:)Peace Out Yo.
Love, Twilla

Jazmyne Rose-Noel Rees said...


Treasure every minute. You will only see her, hold her and touch her for the very first time once! It took months to get Jazzy Rose but now it seems like it all happened so quickly! I know that Kayli is two so if they did not sugget sending a photo album I certainly do! Our Jazmyne was 26 months old when we got her. The orphanage did not send her photo album back with her. We really expressed to our guide that we felt that it was important for her to have that photo album back. We now know how dead on we were with feeling very passionately that she get it back. The guide went to bat for us to get it back. The orphanage wanted to keep it as an example of the home one of their children went to. We promised to replace the book and we made good on that promise by making a book on Shutterfly that was gorgeous with pictures of her in her new surroundings. A friend traveled to China and it was hand delivered to the orphanage.

We met our child in Chongqing and by the time we got to Guangzhou
the album arrived. She was beyond excited to get it back. It was
obvious by the condition that it had been well worn and loved! But the most amazing part was that she would pat a picture with my husband or I and would say Mommy, Daddy and then pat us. It was like Helen Keller at the water pump! SHE GOT IT! And when we got to the airport she knew her brother and sister right away. That first night we went to the restaurant.After dinner my 21 year old son who had been hanging
around the fringes, over powered by so many other family members came up to her. Jazmyne saw him and called out GuGu (Big Brother) and held out her arms. He took her but she wanted to come back to me and did.But just as soon as she was back with me she whirled around pulled him to her and melted his heart forever. What melted him was what she said. She clearly said, "GuGu I ub oo." He has said over and over again that he was not prepared to have her come already loving him. And she did thanks to the Photo Album.

She still wants her photo album from time to time. It was the bridge to her very own family! Those pictures that she looked at several times at the orphanage and practiced recognizing the faces in them as the various members of her new family, has a whole new meaning for her now.

Bottom line, especially if your child is older, like Kayli the photo album is essential to them. And they need to get t back because it will help them make the connections. She was told over and over that her Mommy & Daddy were coming get her and we did. She can look at the pictures, recognize our faces and know we made good on all of those
promises that she was made that we were coming!

I am over joyed for you and your famliy Lisa!
Kathy Rees
www.jazzyrose. blogspot. com