Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Three!

Well, so much for catching up on the blog over the long weekend. It was a grand idea but my execution was futile :0) So I'm backing up a bit. Maybe eventually...


On Aug. 30th we dedicated KayLi. The whole weekend was a celebration of her and it meant so much to have all three of my children under one roof!

I can't tell you how incredible it was to give back to God what He has so graciously given us. Dedications at our church are very simple but so sweet. After the regular service our pastor called our family to the front of the church. Then he asked everyone (it's a small church) to surround us and lay hands on us as he prayed for KayLi and our family. So, so sweet!

After the service we celebrated on last time by going out for Chinese food. Have I mentioned that KayLi is a rock star at our local Chinese restaurant?

They LOVE her!

Then it was home for a mellow afternoon and I finally got pictures of ALL three of my kids!

My friend Traci gave them these cute t-shirts. The plan was to take the shirts to China but in the last minute craziness Emily's was forgotten in the dryer :0( I'm glad that we were able to take them when all of the kids could be together though.

It's very challenging trying to take pictures these days. KayLi pretends anything and everything is a camera and tries to take pictures of you. She's too cute when she peaks out from behind the remote telling you to "Mile" or "Eeeeesssse!"

If I had a decent camera (that hadn't been dropped on cement recently) maybe these pictures wouldn't be blurry. I've been so disappointed with all my pictures lately. Sadly, it doesn't look like the camera fairy will be visiting anytime soon. So I guess I better go back to my older (slower) one. Thank you all so much for putting up with my terrible pictures. At least my subjects are super cute!


Kristi said...

Your three look great in their shirts! We haven't had Caleb dedicated yet, but I remember how precious that was with Kylie! And I giggled thinking of KayLi as a rock star at your Chinese restaurant. That happens to us too...
Here's hoping that Santa may be able to help you out with the camera fairy! And not that I would know why, but sometimes you can have a camera "refurbished" for a reasonable price after they've taken one too many falls.

Traci said...

The shirts look great on them! I'm glad you found Ryan one. I debated when I ordered the girls, and thought he might think that was a little much, but I should have known he's a way cool brother! It looks great on him! I love these pics! You have adorable kids!