Saturday, September 5, 2009

Celebrating KayLi!

Last Saturday (Aug. 29th) we celebrated KayLi's third birthday in a sweet and simple way. Ryan was home for the weekend and my friend Sundai and her two kids Logan & Shelby joined us. I fixed an easy meal of lasagna, french bread and salad for dinner. KayLi absolutely loves Elmo and to say she loves cake is an understatement.

When you combine the two, you get one very happy girl! She beamed and was a little embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to her. Too cute!!!

She had no idea what to do with with her gifts at first but when she learned that there was a cute "Wa wa" inside she was so excited! Thanks Ana! The dolls "medical supplies" are going to really help us prepare for her surgery.

She caught on to opening the presents very quickly and loved each one!

Each time Allie would bring out a new gift, she would say "Oh!", push the last one aside quickly and reach for the next one!

She really loved the bouncy ball that Ryan gave her!

It's so fun to look at the pictures from her night with her. She still gets shy and smiles if I sing Happy Birthday to her. It's great to see her feel so special.

I'm super behind on blogging and I hate it. I have serious plans to catch up on the blog, laundry and e-mails the day KayLi starts kindergarten!


Kristi said...

So glad that she was well celebrated! It looks like it was a fun party.
Oh, I just have to say that laundry will wait my friend, you can't make us wait until KayLi starts kindergarten to keep us informed. ;)

WilxFamily said...

Happy Birthday KayLi!!

Wow, and just a few months ago, having KayLi home for her birthday was a hopeful dream. God is so good!

It looks like she had a wonderful birthday, and such a sweet cake too!