Friday, September 11, 2009

Celebrating Emily!

We celebrated Emily's 12th birthday in a most unusual way. Normally there would be a big blow out of a slumber party that I would labor over for a good week. This year it just wasn't in me. I'm so thankful that she was cool with that! So we planned a few mini celebrations over the days surrounding her day.

Several days before the big day, we decided to give her "The Big Gift."

She was a little surprised when she opened the first present and it was a piece of paper.

But she was very excited when she read all the little pieces of paper!!!!!

The celebration continued Saturday night when we took her and her two best buds ice skating. Aren't they cute all ready to skate the night away?!?!?!

They hadn't been ice skating in a few years and the girls didn't get past holding onto the railing, when Logan decided to do a fancy spin move. So we ended up rushing to the ER to take care of this....

Poor Logan. We did get some very gory pics for him to proudly display on Facebook though.

You should thank me for not posting them here. Really, "Your Welcome."

Since we didn't have cake on the night of the unfortunate ice skating incident, we had a special dinner and cake on Labor Day. Which was nice because Ryan was able to be here :0)

Emily has heard the story of the year Ryan ended up with his face in his cake many times. After several text messages (from her new phone because texting is just the coolest thing ever) we took the hints and well....

She was a very happy (and prepared...check the hair) birthday girl!!!!

KayLi on the other hand said "No!" about fifty times!!! She has just discovered how great cake is and now this one is ruined. She was easily pacified by the chocolate back up cake though :0) She is sitting on my lap as I type this saying "No Emy messy messy cake."

Since KayLi thought the present was for her, Emily sweetly let her help open it. Ryan and Ana were very thoughtful. They put lots of fun little gifts in the pockets of a new messenger bag for her. She had been opening presents over several days and it was wonderful for her to have something to open on her actual birthday. Thanks Ryan & Ana!!!

It may not have been a huge birthday party but it was a very memorable celebration!

We love you Emily!!!! You can stop growing up any time now!!!!


Kim said...

Happy Happy Birthday Emily!

What a wonderful birthday...a birthday she will never forget.


Apsara said...

Didn't know it was Emily's birthday! Give her my warmest wishes :)


shelley said...

Hello, I found your blog today and realized you are from West Texas. We are in Lubbock. Nice to see another family close by. Love your blog

Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!