Monday, September 28, 2009

The Ups & Downs

Palate surgery has its Ups & Downs. So for those of your who may have it in your future and just for the record, here are a few of them.

Up: It's pretty hard to make a small patch of smoothies but at least there is plenty to share!
Down: We have wasted quite a bit of smoothie. I have some in the freezer now to see if it's any good when it thaws out. Wish me luck :0)

Up: I'm eating a lot less than normal and may shed a few pounds through all of this.
Down: It's only because I'm trying to hide from a hungry toddler while I choke down half a sandwich in 30 seconds.

Up: KayLi hasn't complained nearly as much as I thought she would about not being able to eat solid food.
Down: She complains plenty when she hears the blender or sees me coming with yet another cup in my hand.

Up: For the first time in a couple years I'm reading a book that isn't related to China or adoption.
Down: I'm reading it while sitting on the couch beside KayLi, trying to make sure her feet in my lap don't send it flying across the living room at any second.

Up: Saline spray is a great decongestant, that is very inexpensive.
Down: We have been using it for five days and she is just now learning that it's easier to be compliant, than to be pinned down and tortured by this evil spray that is clearly the invention of Satan himself. Oh, and she thinks it's hilarious to spray it in our noses once she has had her sprays but that's not really a "down" is it.

Up: Allie has KayLi thoroughly convinced that Carnation Instant Breakfast and Ovaltine are "Candy Milk". This has made these drink the best ever!!!
Down: I may be organizing a "Candy Milk" intervention by the time we are back on solid food but right now it's so worth it!

Up: Jello is considered a liquid and makes a great bribe dessert!
Down: You have to feed it to her by having her tip her head back, open her mouth and letting a small amount slide off the spoon into her mouth. Think "baby bird getting a worm" because the spoon CANNOT go in her mouth. This can be a little messy when the baby bird REALLY wants more than a small amount of jello. But's so worth it right now!

Up: KayLi is content as long as Sesame Street is on with it's ever glorious promise of Elmo's World at the end.
Down: We have 16 episodes of Sesame Street recorded on the DVR and she has watched each one more times than I can count. The theme to Elmo's World was actually part of my dream last night.

Up: KayLi has discovered that "Ni Hao Kai Lan" and "Yo Gabba Gabba" are fun to watch too. Previously she would ONLY watch Sesame Street.
Down: That guy with the orange hair on "Yo Gabba Gabba" really freaks me out! Seriously. Freaks. Me. Out!

Up: KayLi is speaking more clearly and it has given us so much hope about how her speech will improve even more after speech therapy.
Down: She is saying things like "Mommy where are you?" if I leave the living room for the briefest minute. And sadly "KayLi hungry." You would be surprises how often food & nutrition are the topics of the previously mentioned television shows. There is NO party in KayLi's tummy :0(

Up: I am being reminded of what it is like to have a new born. Such a sweet time.
Down: I am fixing "bottles" every two hours and no one in the house is getting any real sleep. Well, except Emily...she's practically a teenager and could sleep through anything.

Up: KayLi is now able to blow her nose! This is HUGE! She even likes to do it by herself.
Down: She hasn't figured out how to get out one tissue at a time, which results in tissues all over the living room.

Up: We (God, please let it be so) only have eight more days of a liquid diet.
Down: We have at least eight more days of the liquid diet.

Up: This WILL pass and become a memory. One that I pray KayLi is able to forget.
Down: There is no "Down" for this. I know it Will pass and when it's over, it will be amazing to see the way God is healing and transforming this precious child.


Rachelle said...

I have no clue how we will get these boys to lay around like that! Do they let you give them anything to knock them out? I'm sure you remember how busy they are. The liquid diet is gonna be rough! These kids eat ALL DAY! I think I will just pack up all the regular food and put it in the basement! It will be my only hope.

Kristi said...

Glad to see you are able to choose joy in many of your difficulties!
Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, the guy with the orange hair weirds me out too...

Hunan Mommy said...

What an amazing little girl! I hope after 8 days your smoothie making days are over. We have also become fond of Elmo. Actually, Sidney is loving our cat, a little too much....Praying she gets to eat SOON! I know what you mean about weight loss. Crazy how much I am moving, now where is that reflected on the scale? Take care and as always she is in our prayers! Cara