Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Snow Day!

We went to sleep last night knowing we would likely wake up to snow. We didn't realize we would wake up to 2+ inches and that it would continue snowing until 10:00 am. We actually ended up with over 4 inches. The most we have had in one snowfall since we have lived in West Texas. This is huge here!

Everyone is thrilled to have another snow day!

Except KayLi. She does not like it. When I opened our back door to show her the snow, she immediately starting closing it saying "No, dat no cold."

Don't you love the way a cleft baby pouts?

After a slow start Emily bundled and headed out to enjoy all this glorious white stuff. She and her friends were off being pulled around on a sled and trying desperately to find a small hill they could slid down. Good luck with that. I was really hoping she would take a few pictures with her phone. Nope. Not one. "It's too cold to take off your gloves off to push the button."

So Allie bundled KayLi and headed out. Just for a little while because, seriously, she doesn't like it. I understand. I love the snow. It looks very pretty out my windows.

When I stepped onto the porch to take these pictures, I knew, why Emily din't take a single picture.

It's 1:00pm now and EVERYONE is inside. Were it is very warm. The fireplace is blazing. Soup will be on the stove soon. Three batches of snow ice cream have been made. Lots of kids helped eat it. Shoes and gloves are drying by the front door. Curling is on the television?

Huge flakes just started to fall again. Really huge flakes. They are outside. Looking beautiful!

I love snow days!


Tara Anderson said...

Oh! I'm SO glad you got another snowfall! And a big one at that!!! I was wondering if we would, but it's all to the South and West of here! Bummer for us, but so fun for you! Enjoy it while it lasts!!! :)

Rachelle said...

SNOW = FUN! Woo Hoo!

Apsara said...

There is around 20 cm of snow at the moment and Alexandre doesn't like it either and refused to play in it :(

Kayli is cute as eve :)