Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Little Artist

Emily helped out in our church nursery this morning, which meant that I felt comfortable leaving KayLi for the first time in months. Don't ask about the last time. I'm still trying to forget it. This time my cell phone was on silent and Em could text me quickly if KayLi had any problems.

I was very excited.

It was so nice to worship and really listen. Too bad Em can't help out every week. And praise God she does help, every Sunday night. It's the only hour all week that KayLi isn't with me.

Anyway, they colored a little and with Emily's help, KayLi drew her first drawing that actually looked like what she was drawing. Emily drew the eyes but the rest is all KayLi.

What? You can't you see the eyes? It's a perfect likeness. Can't you tell what she drew? Come on, really? Look closely...

It's Goliath, or as KayLi calls him "BIG!" As in "Ahhhh, Big coming! Oh no, he Big!" Which is what KayLi says every time she watches it.

KayLi was so excited to show me her "paypa." When I asked about it, she told me "Dat Big. Big mad!"

She's such a budding artist. I love it!!!!


Michelle said...

What a great picture. I know Makenna is only away from me for one hour a week during Sunday school we still have not left her during worship service yet..Have a great week.

Tara Anderson said...

SO sweet!!! And I totally see the resemblance! No doubt what that girl was drawing! :)

Hunan Mommy said...

Vegetales is great! We watch it all the time. What a great likeness! I know what you mean about leaving KayLi. I belong to a MOPS group, and once a week Sidney plays with the others in her age group. She does well, but the first time I was a wreck!