Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Week in Pictures


After spending the weekend in Austin, Ryan surprised us by stopping by and staying the night on his way back to Lubbock. We all love it when he gets to visit!

Ryan LOVED Mercer Mayer's Critter books and it was so surreal to look over and see him reading one to KayLi.


KayLi loves her little pink sunglasses, so when these two swapped glasses I ran for the camera.

I will love this picture forever!!!


KayLi loves making crafts! For this one she "rumpled" tissue paper and glued it onto a card stock flower. With every piece of tissue paper she would say "Rumple, rumple, rumple."


Ah, F*cebook. These two were cut from the same mold!

Sorry for the terrible lighting. I was trying to sneak the picture before they refused to let me take it and turning on lights would have ruined the moment.


I had no idea how influenced by China I was becoming until KayLi walked over to me wearing her cowgirl hat and I said "Yee Hao!" As in
Ni Hao + Yee Ha = Yee Hao!


Most of you already know that Allie plays guitar and leads worship at our church. I haven't written much about it but Emily is awesome on the djembe (drum)! Seriously awesome! Every week these two instruments are hauled to church and then put back in this little corner. It touched my heart to see KayLi guitar thrown in the mix!


Emily walked out of her room saying "She begged to be put in here mom, really she begged!"

She must have because she stayed in this laundry basket for almost twenty minutes. When I would ask her if she wanted out she would say "No. KayLi looking." And she was...through each little hole.

Emily took a lot pictures of KayLi in the basket. Since I couldn't decide between these two, you get to see them both!


Rachelle said...

Love the cowgirl hat!

Tara Anderson said...

Looks like you had a GREAT week!!!

Apsara said...

As ever, you have a wonderful family :)


Sharon said...

Hudson used to love to play in the laundry basket...hasn't done it in a while.

I have an appt. with Gencov next week...I'm excited to see what he says!!!

Hunan Mommy said...

Playing in the laundry basket is so much fun! It can be so many things! The two facebook afficiandos look like me in my own living room. Gotta love facebook. Let me know if you get a profile:-)