Saturday, February 28, 2009


When we first knew we were called to adoption we decided to name our daughter KayLi Faith.

"Kay" from my mother in laws middle name. Plus "Li" which I read has several meanings, one of which is "beautiful." And I simply LOVE the name Faith.

So as corny as it sounds I love that her name has a family tie and can be roughly translated as "Beautiful Faith."

We also plan to add her "Chinese" name as soon as we know what it is. Until then we keep calling her
KayLi Faith "Something Chinese."

But I didn't realize how surrounded by the word faith I was until the other day.

I was walking through my house and it seemed like it was everywhere. In the living room, my craft room, our bedroom, and even on my keys. It makes my heart smile to see it in her sweet bedroom.

A few of these reminders have been gifts. Thanks Emily, I LOVE my necklace! And Priscilla for painting it for me, it means so much!

But most of them are reminders that God is faithful and
that without faith it is impossible to please Him.

So until the day that we bring our daughter home, we will continue to have faith in her Creator. And have faith that He will show Himself to be the powerful, covenant keeping God that He is!


Traci said...

Like I've already mentioned, I LOVE the name!
One of my favorite verses now is Heb. 11:1!
Can't wait to learn the "chinese" part of her new name!

Sharon said...

It is so awesome when God "reminds" of us what He called us to.

Sharon said...

Yes Traci, you may link to my blog. I hope you enjoy it.