Friday, May 29, 2009

Care Package #2

Yesterday we sent KayLi another care package. We sent this package through Red Thread again. Ann is so sweet to work with on these packages! If you look really close you can see that she put KayLi's picture on the tag of the red bag. I thought that was such a nice touch! She said KayLi should receive this one Monday.

Oh how I hope she'll know we are thinking of her and want to bring her home so bad we can't stand it! I'm also hoping beyond hope that the nannies will take a few pictures of her in her new clothes and send them like last time. A girls gotta dream!


Apsara said...


Amy got a picture of Della in the same dress, from our orphanage, you might get one too ;)


priscilla said...

oh i just LOVE the dress dont you. i cant wait to see KayLi in it. love priscilla