Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year Full of Promises!

2009 got off to an unusual and promising start! This morning...our home study social worker came to meet with us for our special needs update!

If you're wondering why a social worker would be working on New Years Day, it's simple. Texas is huge! When our social worker said she would be traveling in our area for the holidays, it made perfect sense that we schedule it for today.

I'm so thankful that we choose Methodist Mission Home for our home study agency! Not only do they do amazing work, they are truly great people to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an adoption agency. If they had been doing international adoptions at the time our journey began, they would likely be our adoption agency...maybe next time?Not because we don't like AWAA, they are awesome too, it jst would have been nice to go have an agency closer to home...a place I could have visited and taken pictures of, ya know.

So, the first picture above is us with our sweet social worker, Barbara. Thank you so much Barbara for making our updates such a pleasant experience! The idea of letting a stranger into all the personal details of our lives was so scary at the beginning of the adoption process. You made it so much less stressful than it could have been and I appreciate you!!!

I can't believe I'm posting such an awful picture of myself but we only took one picture of us! Besides, Emily looks so cute and stylish in her new outfit, thanks to a Christmas gift card! I love how well she is accessorized! Very cool, Em!

WELCOME HOME TORYN!!!! Our friends the Kendricks arrived last night from China with their precious son Toryn! Isn't he adorable!! It was amazing to greet them at the airport. I can't describe all the emotions that overwhelmed me when they got there. I'm a little worried that I may just pass out when it's our Gotcha Day!

I couldn't help but post a couple pictures of their homecoming! If you have been following their blog Our Little Asian Sensation, you will quickly notice that Traci is holding a couple Diet Dr. Peppers!

Praise God, for what he is doing in and through this awesome family! I can't wait to ask Traci about a thousand soon as she gets some much deserved rest!

All these adoption activities sure make me wonder what God is up to for our 2009! God has promised us so many things. I pray this will be a year full of promises kept by The Promise Keeper!

May you be filled with God's love, grace and peace as you enter 2009. May His glory shine on and through you. And may 2009 be filled with blessings beyond measure!!!!


Shawna said...


Thank you for taking the time to join "Birthed In Our Heart...". I love to connect with fellow heirs who are on this wonderful journey called adoption. I have enjoyed getting to read your journal and want to continue to follow along.

I just have to say that I got chill bumps as I read the title to your blog and the verse from Joshua as that has been key in our journey (our first entry).

Keep taking that next step and try to enjoy the journey.


socialworkbarbie said...

Hi Lisa!
I'm finally reading your blog, and I love it!! It is beautifully layed out and full of touching stories and uplifting verses! I am honored to be a part of your special story and hope to continue visiting your family!