Thursday, January 8, 2009

It Is Well

Life in our house has been challenging this week to say the least. But God is still God and it is well with my soul! The lessons we are learning about trust, faith and patience can only be surpassed by the amazing love and peace only God can bring.

We are learning to listen for direction and rely on God's wisdom like never before. He is truly worthy of all worship and praise!

For those of you that know what I'm referring to, please know that we greatly appreciate your prayers. And if you are clueless, I would appreciate your prayers too.


Kristi said...

I'm clueless, but I've been in challenging weeks and I know that the prayer of other Christians got me through ~ even if they didn't know exactly what they were praying about!
I pray God provides some clarity!

priscilla said...

I know that you and your family are going through a very challenging time now. But know that You know in your heart God is watching over ALL your children. Remember you know in your heart when it will be the right time. love all of yall

Shawna said...

Thanks for sharing your burden with other believer and know that I will continue to lift you up to our Abba Father. He loves you so much and like you know He is sovereign in all things.

Traci said...

You will know! Trust me! I'm still praying for you!
Love you,