Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome Home Mr. President!

While the rest of the country focused on our new president, West Texas welcomed home President and Mrs. Bush. We don't live far from George W.'s home town of Midland, so Emily's class was able to enjoy a field trip to celebrate their home coming in Centennial Plaza. They joined over 20,000 people who welcomed the Bush's home.

They were all so excited! They watched the inauguration at school and then headed to Midland. She was a little disappointed that "We didn't get to actually see him. We only saw the big screens. They were huge!" With a crowd that size I was just glad they didn't lose any one.
I'm still praying for their teachers!

A big thank you to the teachers and staff at Elbow Elementary school for giving them such a historical memory! I know it's something they will tell their children about!

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will1228 said...

Great pics M I'm so proud of you going to see the Pres. even if it was in jumbo screen. That will be a memory you'll never forget. The picture of you looks beautiful as all your others. Even in mud!!!
Love you always, Aunt Wendy