Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

We have friends in South Texas who raise exotic deer on their ranch and Emily loved going to "play" with them! I love the photos of this day!

As I was looking through pictures for a Favorite Photo, I noticed that this one was taken on June 27, 2005. Exactly one month before I hit the two year mark from when my cancer treatments ended. For cancer patients the two year mark is a significant date because your chances of cancer returning after two years drastically drop.

For us it also meant that after waiting since February of 2005, we could apply to AWAA and begin the adoption process. So, we actually started the adoption process waiting....hhhmmmmm!

When I see pictures of how young Emily was when we started this process (seven years old) it blows my mind how LONG we have been waiting to bring KayLi home!


Kimi said...

Emily is so precious...she has grown up so much since that picture was taken. They grow up so fast.

Wow...I bet you were ecstatic when you hit two years being cancer free....that is WONDERFUL!

I hope so badly you will not be waiting much longer for KayLi...PLEASE comment me when you get a referral so I can celebrate with you!


Sharon said...

Thanks Lisa for your comment. I had read through your entire blog awhile back so yes, I did know you had cancer. I will definetly look for the book. I am just starting to figure out what is my normal mom and what is cancer emotions. Right now she is doing well it seems. She has a CT scan this thursday with results next week.
It is GREAT you ordered your daughter's passport. We didn't know up until we made our travel arrangments if the kids would go but they all did. It was fabulous!!