Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks isn't enough!

I think it's official that my mom has lost her mind...but in the sweetest of ways.

She and I have both enjoyed scrapbooking and card making for years now. So, when we first felt called to adopt and I was overwhelmed by the financial aspect of it all, I started to think of ways I could turn this hobby into a fundraiser. I started making cards and a couple sweet friends of mine allowed me to put baskets of them in their stores. It worked out ok but eventually, was a lot of work for a little profit.

Then we relocated. The whole "Why get overly involved with anything when I'm going to have a toddler around soon and will just have to give it up" argument was in high gear. So I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I started making cards again and had so much fun! Friends at church were kind enough to place orders. I was happy to have an excuse to play with all the scrapbooking toys and it was nice to put a little extra in the adoption account.

Until, the wait really began to grow and I saw opportunities to get involved with what God was up to in our church. Now I don't get to play as often :0(

My mom on the other hand has turned into an adoption fund raising, card making machine! Her brother in law (Hi Uncle Cal!) lives on Long Island and has taken on the position of Sales Manager for their enterprise. And I just gotta say, they are kickin' some greeting card hinny! He is selling them at hospital gift shops, local libraries and a hand crafts boutique. Not to mention anyone that happens to sit next to him at the local coffee shops. These two people are using their retirements to help bring our daughter home and I can't love them more for it!!!

A couple weeks ago she was getting a package ready to send him and I asked if I could take a picture first. Look at them all, aren't they cute!!! They are all rubber stamped and embellished with all the oh so fun scrapbooky stuff I just love. And she sends him anywhere from 30-100 cards every few weeks depending on how many local orders she has. It amazes me to think of the time and effort they are putting into these little works of art and that people are buying them!!!!

Somehow "Thanks Mom and Uncle Cal", just doesn't seem to say enough but thanks for losing your sweet minds!!!! And if you have ever bought a card (or 75!!!)...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Sharon said...

So where can I get some?? Totally serious!!!

Kristi said...

What a sweet blessing from your mom! It's such a wonderful thing when family and friends get on board to make your adoption dream a reality!

Traci said...

I can't wait to pick mine up! I know they are going to be adorable. Love you!

socialworkbarbie said...

I would like to buy some, too! How do we do this?