Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just Squint...

I found this rocking chair for KayLi's room a couple months ago and thought it would be cute, if only it wasn't hunter green. It's so comfy and Hobby Lobby had the perfect fabric, that I knew would be adorable. The only problem was that I have been completely intimidated by the thought of cutting this cute fabric! So, Thursday afternoon my friend Priscilla and I decided to summon our courage and try our hand at the upholstery business. Yesterday we were STILL working on it!

After approximately eight hours we thought we were getting pretty good at it. We also decided that professional upholsterers are underpaid! We started joking about going into the business but somehow I don't think we would be very successful at it. We thought we would name our business "Two Idiots Upholstery Service" and our slogan would be "Our work looks great...if you just squint."

The chair turned out OK, when you consider, we didn't have a clue about what we were doing! At least it's no longer hunter green...and it's still comfy. I can't help but dream about the many stories that will be read in it!

It was a great distraction from China's announcement that they are asking families to postpone travel and take extra precautions when they travel, due to the swine flu. Please pray that this virus will pass quickly. There are a lot of rumors about how it could effect international adoption. Maybe it would help if everyone stopped focusing on a worst case scenario. Maybe it wouldn't look so bad if everyone would just squint...


Kristi said...

The chair looks pretty awesome, even if I don't squint!
For those of you getting closer to travel, I'm praying. This swine flu thing seems to have the world shaking1

priscilla said...

I think we did a REAL good job. Thanks to Allie I know you should not touch the safty lock on the staple gun when its plugged in. thank you.:0
Time spent doin the chair=12 hours
Cost= x amount of dollars
Laughs while with friends not knowin what we are doin= PRICELESS
love ya when I squint and when I dont

Jenn said...

Love it!! Can't wait to hear of you and your darling girl sitting in it snuggling!!

I'm praying for you during this wait. So excited for you! Enjoy the time while you wait! The Lord will have your daughter home right on time and as planned. :)