Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little R & R

Allie had carpal tunnel surgery last Friday and I thought this picture really summed up his doctor enforced R & R. The guitars are hung up, the coffee is close by and he is having a very slow morning.

Other than the fact that "My guitar is calling me. It's saying 'Allie, come play me.' " he has done great! His discomfort has been minimal and his attitude is amazing! He sees the doctor Thursday and hopes to be given the green light to play again. Until then please say a little prayer for our, I mean HIS sanity!

Music has been a huge part of his life since before I even knew him. So to see him unable to play for awhile is kinda sad. I wrote a little about him here, for those who may be new to this little blog spot :0) I appreciate your prayers!!! Especially since he hopes to have his other hand done in a few weeks.

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