Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Over the last week I have been doing everything possible to keep busy and keep my mind off of receiving our RA. My friend Priscilla has been such a great source of support and encouragement. Not to mention HELP!!! She helped me reupholster the chair for KayLi's room (see the last post) and she also came over Saturday and helped me paint my bedroom.

I LOVE IT!!! It was the last of the major painting projects around here...well almost but that's for another post. It feels so good to be done with the big projects that I've been hoping to get done before we travel. I'm a California girl at heart and this color has just the tiniest touches of a beach house feel to make me feel at home.

The only problem is that the rest of my house has been ever so slightly neglected by all these projects. Priscilla was giving me such a hard time about the amount of dust that has accumulated on every flat surface...she could allow me a little extra grace, we live in dusty West Texas! She actually had the nerve to say that she was certain she was going to find the following written on a table somewhere...

Can you believe she said that to me? Actually she cracks me up!!! As I was cleaning...yes dusting Priscilla...I started to ask myself a question. Am I living my life in such a way that people look at me and see that statement? Am I allowing Him to be self evident in my life?
Humm....just makes me think a little.

Thanks so much Priscilla...for everything!!!!


Kimi said...

I LOVE IT!!! You and Priscilla are a TEAM! It looks GREAT! And the chair that the two of you slip covered is amazing....YOU GO GIRLS!


Kristi said...

Wow, your bedroom looks like Ty Pennington himself designed it! The color is so soft and inviting!
And I'm with you on the prayer for self ~ that I would diminish and people would see Jesus in me!

Sharon said...

That is VERY funny! ..and love the blue!!

WilxFamily said...

Oooh, I love that color! What a pretty and calming room. Nice job!

priscilla said...

I always have fun when we paint we always laugh and have a "patching" time. lol love ya Twilla

Traci said...

I absolutely LOVE your room! You girls are amazing! I can't wait to see what project is next! (If you need one, I've got lots of painting that can be done!) LOL!

As for the dusting.....you better get that done BEFORE Kayli gets home, because if you're like me with Toryn, then dusting comes AFTER playing, reading, etc.! In other words, it's not happening very often anymore! Oh, well, it will be there when I get to it, huh?

Hurry up, RA!!!! My prayer!!!!!
Love ya,

Jenn said...

LOVE the color of your bedroom! It looks so relaxing!!

You need to change that message to "Jesus IS here!". :o)