Saturday, May 23, 2009


(Remember the sunshine picture?)

Over the last few years I have read so many adoption websites and blogs. Probably too many to tell you the truth. I just can't seem to get enough of what God is doing in the lives of these children and their families! I have laughed, cried, prayed for and rejoiced with you all countless times. You have been such a blessing to me!!! You have encouraged and prepared me more than I can say. Thank you!

By far my favorite part of any adoption story is when a family begins to plan their travel and we, the breathless blog followers, get to watch God's plans unfold in all their splendor and glory. Amazing, really just amazing!!!

So many times I have thought and dreamed of what I would write when God began this phase of our journey. Would I be creative? Would I be funny? Would I have all the perfect words to give God the glory that He and He alone deserves? I just couldn't wait until it was our turn and I could begin to articulate with Spirit filled prose about how awesome God is.

Well, here we are in that, oh so exciting phase. Over the last three days we have received blessings beyond measure that include:
  • Updated pictures of KayLi that we were not even expecting...thank you Ann at Red Thread!!!
  • A financial blessing that provided the last of what we needed to travel and some of what we need to bring Emily to China with us...I'm crying AGAIN just typing that.
  • News that we will travel in mid-late July...praise God a "due date!"
  • And new news last night that we will actually travel around mid JUNE!!!! GLORY!!!
Yep, here I am ready to write something so very creative, funny, and articulate that you will just be astounded. Something that will further your knowledge of who God is and what He is doing in our lives and the lives of orphans around the world and all I can do is cry. Every five seconds...think about it all and cry. I am completely and utterly speechless!


Jenn said...

Rejoicing and celebrating with you!!! Standing speechless and in AWE in front of our God together!!

How awesome is our God!!?

Apsara said...

Hey! Since I'm still delayed may be we'll meet in Jinan :)

Take care,


Kimi said...

BEAUTIFUL post! I know how you are feeling....there are no words to describe it. But doesn't it feel WONDERFUL! :-)

We serve an AWESOME God!!!

Love you,

Kristi said...

mid-JUNE??? Oh my goodness, that was FAST!!! I'm so thrilled for you and totally praising God with you over that news!

Sharon said...

I am crying with you. I do not think I will every get tired of watcing a family in that exciting phase of preparing to travel. It is BEYOND what you can imagine. Everytime I watch a family go I want to go with them!!!
SO excited for you and praying for sweet Kayli as she has no idea how her world is about to change!!!

Melissa said...

Lisa - I cannot wait to follow your journey!!! It's coming SOON, that's for sure and it will be one of the best ever!!!!