Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Recap

Ryan came home Friday night and that alone would have made my Mother's Day weekend wonderful!!! He's your typical super busy college student and has many commitments at his church. I can't believe he came home for the WHOLE weekend!!!!

Since I didn't know that Ryan was coming home, I had made plans to begin sewing KayLi's quilt Saturday but that's a whole other post though. Let me just say that I have a couple very talented friends who are a blast to cut fabric with!!!

Emily's gift was priceless. She made me the cutest card! I'm so impressed that she used my favorite colors! I wonder if there is a hidden meaning in the way she used my "ransom" rubber stamps to spell "Happy Mom Day"? I tried to scan the inside of the card but she wrote it in pencil and it wouldn't pick it up :0(
I love that she signed it
Love, Em
( or your daughter)

Inside the card were this amazing coupons! At eleven years old she is a little too cool to cuddle. And for some reason she no longer likes it when I try to tickle her tummy. So I am VERY thankful for the coupons to"love on you" and "touch my belly"! I still can't figure out why she would give me a coupon that asks her to stop whistling. Just because she taught herself to whistle when she was four years old and now whistles full songs incessantly, doesn't mean I would EVER want her to stop!

After church we went out for Chinese food. It was a small reminder that the only thing that would have made this Mother's Day any better would have been KayLi's presence. Aaahhh...
next year!

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Kristi said...

I'm glad to see you were well celebrated! What a blessing your two children are, and just wait until Miss KayLi adds to the blessings.